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box architecture masterplanning work to maximise the potential of any site and develop proposals which work with nature to create lasting atractive places of quality and distinction
We aim to work with nature to result in landscapes and environments that offer real benefits to the inhabitants, both human and ecological
These benefits include a healthier place to live and work, etc., reduced flood risk, increased bio-diversity and the making of beautiful places

bryan thomas' masterplanning and urban design work includes sustainable business park proposals in Findhorn, Scotland (for Hackland + Dore Architects), a major urban design and planning study for the old town in Edingburgh (for Hackland + Dore Architects), an environmentally friendly village extension study for Castletown in Caithness (for Nicholas Groves-Raines Architects), an urban regeneration study of Knowle West in Bristol (for Architype) and various residential and commercial site layout projects

We work with our clients to achieve layouts and landscapes that suit their wishes and fulfill their practical needs
Please get in touch to discuss your development or project

findhorn business park - site plan
findhorn business park - site layout plan

findhorn business park - office unit perspective
findhorn eco-friendly business park - office unit perspective

new street plan - figure ground
edinburgh old town planning study - figure ground plan

new street plan - routes
edinburgh old town planning study - routes plan

new street plan-uses
edinburgh old town planning study - uses plan

new street - site plan
edinburgh old town - new street site layout plan

slateford green competition-sheet 1
slateford green competition - site plan

slateford green competition-sheet 2
slateford green competition - axonometric

lightmoor - site plans
lightmoor residential development - existing and proposed site plans